BSG Membership

BSG Membership costs and savings on registration fees;

Type of BSG Membership BSG Membership Cost if paid by Direct Debit Annual Meeting Rate Applied Savings on Annual Meeting Registration Rate
Trainee Member (ST3 and over) £97.50 BSG Trainee Member (Medically qualified and in training), GP’s and Non Consultant Career Grade Doctor £100+
General Practitioner £97.50 £100+
Medically Qualified NCCG £97.50 £100+
Taster: Medical students, non-clinical science students, foundation doctors and core medical trainees up to ST3 £15.00 BSG Taster Member £85+

*To benefit from the Member Rates you will need to apply to be a member of the BSG. Please go to this link and complete the New Member online application. Your first membership subscription fee will need to be paid via debit/credit card and a direct debit mandate will need to be completed and returned to the BSG in order for your membership to be activated. If you do not complete this process you will be required to pay the full non-member registration rates before being allowed access to the BSG Annual Meeting 2017.

If you need any further assistance with your membership application please contact

By becoming a member of the British Society of Gastroenterology, you will experience a number of benefits, including:

  • Significantly discounted and priority registration at BSG organised meetings
  • The opportunity to apply for prestigious awards and bursaries
  • Free journal subscription to leading publication(s) in the field
  • Access to the BSG website with it’s large repository of guidelines
  • BSGtv – review recordings from all BSG Annual Meetings sessions from 2011 onwards
  • Trainees benefit from heavily subsidised and priority registration at the annual BSG Trainees Education Weekend
  • Trainees benefit from heavily subsidised and priority registration at the annual BSG Trainees Leadership & Management weekend
  • Access to one of the largest medical gastroenterology and hepatology communities
  • Access to advice/guidance on working in the independent sector
  • ACCEA support
  • A voice for GI medicine within health policy, nationally and at regional level
  • Influence on policy
  • Monthly e-Newsletter outlining all the latest news in gastroenterology and hepatology

For further details on the advantages of BSG Membership please click here.

If you would like to join the BSG you can also complete the online application form here

BSG Taster Membership

The Taster Membership is applicable for all medical trainees up to ST3, medical students, foundation doctors, nurse students and non-clinical students studying for further degrees (such as PhD’s). Benefits of this scheme include access to a tailored microsite on the BSG website, with educational content and an informal mentoring scheme. Taster Members can also register for the whole of the Annual Meeting for just £65. If you have trainees below ST3, or non-clinical students studying for a further degree, who would be interested in Taster Membership please promote this scheme to them (cost is £15 per year) and encourage them to attend the Annual Meeting.

If you would like to join the BSG, please complete the online application form here